We have a range of digital books published on behalf of Helbling Languages:

The Resourceful Teacher Series is the methodology series that offers teachers, teacher trainers and teacher trainees a discussion of new developments in various areas, such as linguistics, pedagogy and cognitive psychology and suggestions on how to use them effectively in class.

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English through Art
Peter Grundy, Hania Bociek and Kevin Parker

English through ART brings together 100 highly varied, original, ready-to-use activities to foster real communication in English through imaginative responses to both artistic images and easy-to-do creative work.
English through ART
is packed with great activities on using art:
• to stimulate talk
• to approach established activities in new ways
• to promote decision-making tasks in the language classroom
• to motivate learners to talk about themselves
• for vocabulary building and for writing activites.
No prior knowledge of art or artists is required - even the most creative activities can be done by every student irrespective of their experience or background knowledge or ability.
English through ART comes with 50 full-colour reproductions from the National Museum and gallery of Wales to use alongside those activities that work best with images. The activities themselves can easily be adapted and used for different levels, from elementary to advanced, with teenagers, young adults and adults, in EFL/ESL, CLIL and Art and Design classes and for individual, small group and whole class work. Whether you need to pep your lessons up, stimulate your students, provide a sparkling 10 minutes at the end of the week or plan a truly engaging, term-length project, this is the book for you!

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £29.95


Seeds of Confidence
Verónica de Andrés & Jane Arnold

Seeds of Confidence presents current thinking on a very important aspect of the affective domain - self-esteem - and provides teachers with motivating, creative activities for use in the classroom to develop both language skills and learner confidence. As has been said, confidence leads to competence.

In Seeds of Confidence five essential components of self-esteem are covered: security, identity, belonging, purpose and competence. Many suggestions are given for dealing with each in the classroom and so creating a classroom climate in which real language learning can grow.

Using Seeds of Confidence in their classrooms, teachers can become more resourceful and can enhance their teaching practice and their own motivation. Many activities can also be adapted for use in teaching other subjects and in facilitating learning in all contexts.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £29.95


Teaching Chunks of Language
Seth Lindstromberg and Frank Boers

Teaching Chunks of Language is a motivating new resource book based on the fundamental assumptions of the so-called lexical (or ‘chunk teaching’) approach. Language as used by native speakers consists substantially of memorized multi-word chunks (e.g. by the way). For learners of a foreign language, knowledge of chunks is strongly associated with important aspects of proficiency such as oral fluency and naturalness of expression.
The challenging question for foreign learners therefore is this: How can many chunks be committed to active, long-term memory?
Teaching Chunks of Language suggests a communicative approach to the teaching of chunks of language. Most of the activities presented are decidedly communicative and involve a lot of speaking and listening as well as intensive reading and some writing.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £26.95


Creative Writing
Mario Rinvolucri , Christine Frank

Creative Writing offers more than 80 inspiring activities to stimulate your students to want to write things down in English. Each lesson is based on ‘real’ writing – writing that conveys a meaningful message, either from the student to him- or herself or to a real recipient. This has two main benefits: first, it speeds learning, and second, it creates a real sense of enjoyment and fulfilment for your students.

Creative Writing is packed with great writing ideas from providing practical help in producing exam answers to suggesting interesting new ways of telling stories. Plus there’s a wide range of lesson plans that will be of value to you as an EFL teacher, whether you’re fresh out of teacher-training college or have been teaching English successfully for 40 years.

Creative Writing puts the fun back in writing, both for your students and for you.

The activities can be adapted and used for all level of students from beginner
to advanced.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £26.95


From Whiteboards to Web 2.0
Daniel Martín

From Whiteboards to Web 2.0 links interactive whiteboards and the internet to make language-learning activities both fun and effective. With more than 80 practical activities.
From Whiteboards to Web 2.0 guides teachers to the most popular and user-friendly web tools to create activities for students to use both in and outside the classroom to maximize their language learning.
From Whiteboards to Web 2.0 is divided into three main sections, Image-based activities, Sound and video-based activities and Text-based activities. A strong emphasis has been placed on promoting learner interaction and active language practice and communication in the classroom.
From Whiteboards to Web 2.0 provides links to video tutorials on how to use the Web 2.0 tools described in the book. The tutorials cover both the technical aspects of how to access and use the tools and the language learning potential of these tools.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £26.95


Language Hungry
Tim Murphey

Language Hungry! teaches you how to learn in an effective way while exploiting your brain's potential. You will learn not to waste time and resources, have more control over your thoughts and increase your fun and success within the classroom.

Language Hungry! stimulates passion for learning and so makes the reader 'hungry for language!'

Language Hungry! is appropriate for students and teachers of all levels. It contains a large variety of ideas and stories which invite the reader to experiment with new skills, new ideas and positive ways which favour success in language acquisition.

Language Hungry! combines complex and fascinating theories with simple, practical suggestions as to how to apply them to your teaching or learning.

Intrinsic Books digital edition £26.95

Thinking in the EFL Classroom
Tessa Woodward

Thinking in the EFL Class
progresses to the fundamentals of building a positive class atmosphere for communicating well and in English.

Thinking in the EFL Class offers over 30 well-thought out, realistic tips for teachers and over 85 practical, easy-to-use activities for language classes.
These tips and activities encourage flexibility, fun, creativity and rigour in teacher and student thinking.
They involve minimal preparation and a wide range of interesting topics.
Most of the activities are multi-level and adaptable from elementary to advanced students.
Many integrate the skills of listening, speaking, reading and/or writing.

Thinking in the EFL Class is extremely valuable in helping teachers stay interested in their work and in helping students cope with the demands of learning a language and living in a restless, changeable world.

Thinking in the EFL Class also provides teachers with a link to download ready-to-use handouts, in both PDF and DOC format.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £26.95

Mind the App
Thomas Strasser

Mind the App! is an exciting and innovative resource book which introduces teachers and their students to some of the most useful and interesting web applications for language teaching and learning.
Mind the App! covers a wide variety of applications such as Wordle, Animoto, TodaysMeet, Voicethread, Prezi and Learning Apps, all of which are presented in clearly explained step- by -step sequences using screenshots.
Each application includes a variety of activities to stimulate students’ interest and to help them understand how the applications work and how best they can be used.
Mind the App! has a backup website with the updated app links plus video tutorials exclusively produced for the apps in the book

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £26.95

The Principled Communicative Approach
(Jane Arnold, Zoltán Dörnyei and Chaz Pugliese)

The Principled Communicative Approach offers a fresh take on communicative language teaching, based on cutting-edge research in psychology and linguistics.
The Principled Communicative Approach integrates scientific discoveries with the accumulated experience of classroom practitioners.
In this book the three renowned authors propose seven key principles that underlie effective communicative teaching, and then illustrate these principles with 75 practical classroom activities.
The Principled Communicative Approach is a unique blend of theory embedded in practice, providing excellent resource material for the classroom that students will find motivating and very rewarding, but also useful information for teachers to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £26.95

Multiple Intelligences in EFL
Herbert Puchta , Mario Rinvolucri

Multiple Intelligences in EFL gives a brief overview of the latest research into multiple intelligences relevant for EFL.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL shows how you can enrich your own teaching by systematically activating other intelligences in your language lessons.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL demonstrates what you can do so that more students feel “addressed” in your class.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL will help you to appreciate otherwise hidden strengths in your students.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL provides fun lessons for your students - through 99 clear and easy-to-follow teaching recipes.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £26.95


Imagine That!
Tim Murphey

Imagine That! explores new ways to enliven your classroom by opening "the mind's eye, ear and heart" with motivating activities that help your students learn more effectively. Using more of their inner resources, students will find greater personal meaning in the classroom experience..

Imagine That! presents a clear introduction to mental imagery, stressing its importance for our cognitive processes in general and for better language learning. A brief review of relevant research provides a background for the many practical ideas about using imagery in secondary and adult ELT classrooms described in this book. All the language skills are addressed.

Imagine That! comes with a downloadable worksheets, artwork, music and recordings of parts of the activities.
The activities can be adapted and used for all level of students from beginner to advanced.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £29.95

Activities for Interactive Whiteboards
Daniel Martin

Activities for Interactive Whiteboards contains 95 stimulating activities to use your interactive whiteboard to the full in your English language class.

Activities for Interactive Whiteboards offers both traditional and innovative ideas that address multiple intelligence approaches to language teaching and cater for all language skills and language levels, from elementary to advanced.

Activities for Interactive Whiteboards is divided into three main sections, Image-based activities, Sound and video-based activities and Text-based activities. A strong emphasis has been placed on promoting learner interaction and active language practice and communication in the classroom.

Activities for Interactive Whiteboards to use with your whiteboard are included with the digital book.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £29.95

Writing Stories
Andrew Wright and David A. Hill 

This is an exciting guide to writing stories, based on the basic assumption that storytelling is a fundamental need for all people of every age and in every society and that, as stories are mostly communicated by words, then story-making and sharing should be a fundamental part of all language learning experience. Writing Stories is a resource book for teachers working with both teenagers and learners of lower intermediate language level upwards. Writing Stories includes short activities which help the students develop their story writing skills.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £26.95

Teaching Grammar Creatively
Günter Gerngross , Herbert Puchta and Scott Thornbury

Teaching Grammar Creatively is a practical new resource book that offers a variety of lessons and activities for everyday use in your English language class.

It aims to stimulate the imagination, humour and creativity of your students and increase the effectiveness of grammar practice.

Teaching Grammar Creatively offers more than 50 complete lessons covering a wide range of grammar structures, learner levels, and age groups. Each lesson is divided into two main sections: Language Awareness Activities and Creative Grammar Practice.

The Language Awareness Activities are designed to introduce and provide initial practice of items that may still be unfamiliar to your students.

The Creative Grammar Practice section provides ideas for a deeper and more personalised familiarisation with these items, always with an element of individual creativity. Each lesson ends with the creation of a learner text - a permanent and original record of the grammar, in the form of a story, or a poem, for example.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £29.95