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ETpedia: Teenagers

1. You’re new to teaching: Less experienced teachers will find this a useful and practical introduction to working with teenage students.
2. You need some ideas: More experienced teachers in search of new ideas will find good, practical activities and techniques here.
3. You’re struggling with teens: This book does more than provide classroom ideas: it aims to help teachers better understand teenagers, and to empathise with some of the issues that teenagers have in the classroom.
4. You’ve never taught teens before: Experienced teachers who are about to work with teenagers for the first time will get a sense of the unique challenge posed by teenage classes.
5. You read on the run: Teachers who need something bite-sized that they can dip into between classes will appreciate the format of the book.
6. You’re looking for staff room discussion-starters: Senior teachers and heads of department can select units of the book to kick-start staff room conversations, peer collaboration and idea-sharing among colleagues.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £24.00 ($30.00)