Innova Reading Bookshelf Grade 1
Grade 1: Lexile 100L – 200L, 50 – 150 words

Grade 1 teaches basic reading skills to beginners in English aged 4 to 9, and can be used for classwork or one-to-one learning. Each text contains vocabulary, comprehension, grammar activities for each reader, poems and pop out characters for story retelling.

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Each reader costs £4.95 ($6.50)

A frog meets lots of insects & animals. The frog is bigger than some of them and smaller than lots of them.
A sleeping lion is woken up by a tiny mouse running over his head. Will the lion eat the mouse?
A boy is looking after the sheep in a field. He was bored and told the people in the village there was a wolf in the field with the sheep.
A chicken wants to make some bread and asks the other animals to help her. They all say "No."
A bird sees some water in a glass. She is thirsty. How does she get a drink?
A hungry fox wants to eat some grapes growing on a high wall, but the grapes are too high.
The story of a clever fox, a bird and a delicious piece of cheese.