Intrinsic Books

Digital Books for teachers & learners

Intrinsic Books works with three main partners in bringing print editions to our digital format:

Flexitome is part of the Piron Corporation which is an e-learning company offering flexible, cross-platform and innovative technology solutions that enhance teaching and learning. With headquarters in New York and a development centre in India, Piron provides cost-effective learning solutions to individuals, schools and enterprises in more than 20 countries. All Intrinsic Books orders are processed and sold on our online platform:
Flexitome offers a first class option for buying online. All transactions are secure.

Piron Corporation is also the major partner in a new 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality educational resource: Veative Labs. For more information about Veative, click here:

DEC Publishing
DEC Publishing provides our digital conversion process by taking PDF and mutlimedia files to create integrated, interactive, and secure products accessible across platforms and devices. The technology used by DEC has a proven track-record – used since 1996 and by millions around the world.

Media Technics
Media Technics created the MTC software package, BookOn Publish.  It creates a web and off-line solutions, available locally on any device.  BookOnPublish preserves page layout. Paragraphs, columns, and figures look exactly the same on the printed page, on a computer, on a tablet, and even on a smart phone. Page 32 looks like page 32, in every edition and on every device.