Innova Reading Bookshelf Grade 2
Grade 2 Lexile 200L – 300L, 100 – 250 words

Grade 2 teaches reading skills to beginners in English aged 4 to 9, improving on skills learnt in Grade 1, and includes a detailed Guide for Teachers and Parents, for classwork or one-to-one learning. Each text contains vocabulary, comprehension and grammar activities for each reader, and poems too, as well as pop out characters for story retelling.

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Each reader costs £4.95 ($6.50)

The rabbit and the tortoise have a race. Who do you think will win?
A dog steals some meat from the butcher's shop. The dog has to cross a river with the meat. What do you think happens?
A dog meets a fox and they talk about what they eat and where they live.
A town mouse goes to the country and meets a country mouse. They talk about food, where they live and which is safer.
Three pigs each build a house. One builds a house made of grass, another pig builds a house made of wood and the last pig builds a stone house. Which is the best house?
Thomas has a horse called Hans. He thinks Hans can count and takes him to the village to make some money. Can the horse really count?
The man buys a donkey for his son. Who rides the donkey? The boy? The man? Both of them? What about the donkey?