Innova Reading Bookshelf Grade 4
Grade 4: Lexile 300L – 400L, 300 – 450 words

Grade 4 teaches reading skills to beginners in English aged 4 to 9, improving on skills learnt in Grade 3, and includes a detailed Guide for Teachers and Parents, for classwork or one-to-one learning. Each text contains vocabulary, comprehension and grammar activities for each reader, and poems too, as well as pop out characters for story retelling.

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Each reader costs £4.95 ($6.50)

The brown duck thinks she is ugly. The other animals tell her she is ugly. But she grows bigger and changes colour from brown to white. Do you know what she is?
Prince John finds castle hidden in the forest. Everybody in the castle is asleep. John finds the sleeping Princess.
Cinderella works for 3 sisters. They are very cruel to her. On the night of a big party a fairy visits and uses magic to give Cinderella a dress and she she goes to the party.
The King loves new clothes and is tricked by two tailors to wear no clothes at all. They tell the King, "Only clever people can see the clothes." The King goes out in his new clothes.
Jack & his mother are very poor. Jack sells their goat for three beans. His mother is angry, but they are magic beans.
Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her Grandma who lives in the forest. She meets a wolf on the way to her Grandma's house. What do you think happens?
A witch turns a selfish prince into a beast. He can only change back to a prince when he helps people and somebody loves him.