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Innova Reading Bookshelf Grade 3
Grade 3: Lexile 200L – 300L, 250 – 350 words

Grade 3 teaches reading skills to beginners in English aged 4 to 9, improving on skills learnt in Grade 2, and includes a detailed Guide for Teachers and Parents, for classwork or one-to-one learning. Each text contains vocabulary, comprehension and grammar activities for each reader, and poems too, as well as pop out characters for story retelling.

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The Princess meets a frog in the garden and gives him some food and somewhere to sleep. In the morning, the frog has turned into a Prince.
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The village of Hamelin has a problem with rats. The people ask a piper to get rid of the rats, but they do not pay the piper for his work.
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Three goats live in field and want to use the bridge to cross the river to find food. But a nasty troll lives under the bridge and the troll likes to eat goats.
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A King & Queen want to find a wife for their son, but the wife must be a Princess. The Queen sets a test for the Princess.
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Hansel & Gretel find a house made of sweets. They start to eat the sweets but the woman who lives in the house sees them. The woman likes to eat children.
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Goldilocks finds a house owned by three bears. She eats their food and sleeps in their beds. The bears come home and find Goldilocks.
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The Gingerbread Man runs away from a house before the children can eat him. He can run very fast. But what happens when he meets a wolf?
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